My exploration of the issue of food waste has largely focused on the great work by being done individuals and organisations to reduce the amount of edible food needlessly going to waste – focusing on the solutions to the root causes of so much of the food we produce needlessly being wasted.

The Gleaning Network, part of Feedback Global, is just one of the great initiatives documented for the Food Is project. The video shows work from 3 gleaning sessions - where on each occasion a dedicated team of volunteers came together to glean around 2-2.5 tonnes of fruit or veg.

We are all conscious on some level of the amount of food we waste – edible or otherwise, within our own home, and aware that there is avoidable food waste generated by supermarkets and the wider, urban-based commercial, catering and hospitality sectors. But what about on the farms?

We all have a role to play when it comes to the issue of food waste — even what occurs outside of the household — but how do we take action against something we cannot always see?

Oddbox is a London-based box scheme that works directly with farmers and growers to take their wonky and surplus produce – so food that might otherwise have gone to waste - then deliver them straight to their members’ doors at a price that’s fair for both the farmer and their members.