Oddbox – bringing wonky fruit and veg to homes and offices

Oddbox is a London-based box scheme that works directly with farmers and growers to take their wonky and surplus produce – so food that might otherwise have gone to waste –  then deliver them straight to their members’ doors at a price that’s fair for both the farmer and their members.

I spoke to Emilie and Deepak – the two founders of the company, about how they started off, how they sourced their produce, what they’ve witnessed, and what they feel needs to be done to make a more sustainable food system. As we discuss, it’s evident that things need to change, and that despite lots of noise being created by supermarkets around the issue of food waste, they unfortunately are unlikely to lead that change.

It was a great chat, and they give some really valuable insights as to why there is a vital need for the work they are doing, and others that are motivated not by the bottom-line, but by the desire to create positive change in a sustainable manner, and through a long-term approach to providing people access to seasonal, nutritious, affordable food.

This episode is also available as a video, which you can watch via the Food Is Wasted YouTube Channel – go to foodiswasted.com/youtube and you’ll see this, and all the other videos produced so far.

This interview is available as a video, which you can watch on the Food Is Wasted YouTube Channel.

You can find out more about the Oddbox by visiting their website – http://oddbox.co.uk

Image: Beautiful organic apples left on the trees to rot, as they were rejected by the supermarket the farmer supplies, due to cosmetic standards. The apples would otherwise have gone to waste, but for the Gleaning Network gathering it for redistribution © Chris King / foodiswasted.com