Elysia – Meals and Catering using Surplus Food

In this episode I’m speaking to Sophie Andre from Elysia – a new start-up social enterprise which buys food that would otherwise have gone to waste from various local, artisan suppliers in and around London, at a discounted rate, and uses them to create meals to order, as well as catering for events.

I caught up with Sophie during one such event, and she shared with me the story behind Elysia, how it functions, and the impact her company is having on reducing avoidable food waste.

Then we met up a second time when she was meeting with chef Emily Roux, daughter of the chef Michel Roux Jr, who has been providing Sophie with mentorship and support in developing her dishes.

I spoke to Emily, during the creation of a new dish, about her experiences as a chef in relation to food waste both here in the UK, and in France, and what she has gained and learnt about the issue from her work with Sophie.

Sophie has been very kind to provide listeners of the podcast with a discount on their first purchase from Elysia, details of which I will share at the end of the recording.



Below are links to the organisations mentioned during our conversation:


Borough Market