FoodCycle – Rescuing and Redistibuting Food Waste

I produced this multimedia piece – using video, photographs and audio recordings – with the intention of promoting the Food Is Wasted project – originally called “Food Is…” – while sharing some facts about food waste, and the great work FoodCycle was doing at the time.

FoodCycle was the first organisation I documented when starting my exploration of the issue of food waste back in 2014. Volunteers in hubs across the UK gather food from local markets and supermarkets that would otherwise go to waste, then make 3-course vegetarian meals for vulnerable members of the community, suffering from food insecurity or isolation.

They have grown significantly since this video was produced, and as you would expect, the stats on their impact are out of date. As of mid-September 2019, they had served 1,011,655, saved 425,000 kg of food that might otherwise have gone to waste, and fed 275,132 community diners.

Learn how you can get involved in the FoodCycle movement, and read my journal posts documenting my visits to some of the hubs in London.