My second visit to the FoodCycle LSE hub was all about getting video footage – with a desire to use this to complement the stills images from the previous shoot in the creation of a multimedia piece.

This was my first time using my camera to capture video – at least in any meaningful way, but I knew what I wanted – trying my best to capture close-ups of the food and the activities at the market and within the kitchen. These were things I intentionally did not capture in the stills.

I am in the process of completing the multimedia piece with everything I captured during my visits to the FoodCycle LSE hub, which I will use to promote this website. Keep your eyes open for it!

Chris King
I'm a documentary and portrait photographer and video producer from Ireland, but currently based in London. With the Food Is Wasted website and my exploration of the issue of avoidable food waste, I have a desire to create positive change in whatever way I can, and to whatever degree I can. You can see more of my work at