In this episode I am speaking to Hunter Halder, founder of the ReFood movement in Portugal. Hunter is originally from the US, but has lived in Lisbon for many years.

In the 5 years that ReFood has existed, it has gone from 1 volunteer to 4,000, and serving 2,500 people 46,000 meals in a month.

The organisation is entirely volunteer run, and focuses on addressing the issues of food waste and food poverty at a neighbourhood level.

I have to say in the 3 years I’ve been documenting the issue of food waste, this has to be the most impressive, and effective initiative I have come across – it’s a real inspiration, and I hope that the concept is replicated the world over!

The interview took place on the street, at a café in Lisbon, so there’s quite a bit of background noise, but it was the only option available to us, and I hope it’s not too distracting!

If you are working on a food waste initiative, or know someone who is, please get in touch – it would be great to have you on the podcast – you can email me at [email protected]

For more information on the great work ReFood is doing, visit the ReFood website.

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