Chef Tom Hunt – Promoting ‘Root to Fruit’ eating

This podcast is a brief interview I conducted with the chef Tom Hunt. Tom is not just an award-winning chef and restaurant owner, but also a food writer, sustainability consultant and campaigner, as well as author of the book The Natural Cook.

Tom’s response to the issue of food waste is to promote what he calls ‘Root to Fruit Eating’, which we touch upon briefly in the interview, and which entails – eating for pleasure, eating whole foods, and eating the best food you can.

I met up with Tom at a recent event he was hosting and talking at here in London, in collaboration with the Thomson Reuters Foundation. It was a very last-minute interview, so I had almost no time to prepare, but it was a great opportunity to learn more about Tom’s work and philosophy on the topic of food waste.

People and Organisations Mentioned

Tom Hunt

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Tristram Stuart

Feedback (organises Feeding the 5K events in the UK, and much more)


Forgotten Feast


Image: Fish discards used at wastED pop-up restaurant which was open for a few weeks on Selfridge’s rooftop, and organised by chef Dan Barber. Tom Hunt was a guest chef one evening, and the discards would have been similar to those used in the Feeding 5K event mentioned in the podcast  © Chris King /