Gleaning Network reducing food waste by saving parsnips from going to rot on a UK farm

Farm-level Food Waste.

With most people living in urban spaces the food waste generated at a farm-level is invisible to us, and goes unnoticed. This photo story explores farm-level food waste, and the work being done to reduce it.

Food Rescue & Redistribution.

One of the flaws of the current industrial food system is a surplus of production – this story explores how some organisations are resucing that food before it gets wasted, and redistributing to vulnerable members of the community

Gleaning on UK Farm - Food Waste Photography by Chris King
The Pig Idea - Documenting food waste in the UK - Chris King Photography

Feeding Animals.

In 2001 feeding aminals most types of food waste was banned, due to the food and mouth crisis that swept across the UK. This photo story explores how feeding animals can play an important role in reducing food waste.