In September 2015 I was invited by Professor and photographer Alessandra Capodacqua to NYU in Florence, Italy to give a talk to students, professors and local activists on my work and the topic of food waste.

It’s an honour to be asked to give a talk to any group of people, but to be invited to NYU in Florence was quite a significant honour for me, and the highlight of my year.

Because of the mixed crowd, I tried to balance my talk between the visual storytelling side of things, and the issue of food waste. I also made a point of meeting up with people from a local organisation, Senza Spreco, to ensure I presented attendees with a means of getting involved with the fight against food waste, right on their doorstep.

Below is a recording of the talk in full – I hope you enjoy it!

Chris King
I'm a documentary and portrait photographer and video producer from Ireland, but currently based in London. With the Food Is Wasted website and my exploration of the issue of avoidable food waste, I have a desire to create positive change in whatever way I can, and to whatever degree I can. You can see more of my work at