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I started Winnow because I saw a massive opportunity in solving the problem of food waste. I believe that food is too valuable to waste, and that technology can help us change the way we make food. I started my career at a large wholesale grocers, and food and sustainability have been my two passions ever since. Before Winnow I co-authored the Global Institute report “Resource Revolution: Meeting the World’s Energy, Materials, Food, and Water Needs.’ whilst working as a consultant at McKinsey.
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The consumer mind-set is changing
4 years ago

The consumer mind-set is changing

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Now is the ideal time to invest in cutting food waste for the hospitality sector.

Food waste is an issue of growing concern and consumers are demanding a more sustainable offer from the hospitality sector. With such healthy returns to be had from relatively modest capital expenditure, there has never been a better or more important time to invest in reducing food waste.
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