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Lucy Purdy is a freelance writer from rural Shropshire, now living in London, who specialises in writing on environmental and ethical issues. Lucy contributes to the likes of Positive News, Transition Free Press, Green Futures magazine, EarthLines magazine and Permaculture magazine. She is particularly interested in the empowering potential in people’s connections to the natural world: from traversing the landscape to growing food. She focuses on solutions and on stories which have the power to shift our frames of reference, to a new, authentic and hopeful world consciousness.
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Let Love Grow
5 years ago

Let Love Grow

By  •  Opinion

Sustaining, evocative and endlessly diverse, food is the most familiar and universal medium. It can make us feel secure and loved, tie us to places and to people, and the way and what we feed ourselves reveal much about us. Writers have said the way to accurately and succinctly portray a character is to describe how he or she eats. Read More

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