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Dan joined the SCI as a Research Associate in January 2014, having completed his PhD, funded by the SCI, in 2013. Dan has recently completed a 15 month ESRCSCI funded project ‘Households, retailers and food waste transitions’, led by Dr. David Evans. His next major research project addresses 'Sustainable Consumption & Production and Political Economy in the UK Food Service Sector'. He is also engaged in an ongoing project with Dr. Luke Yates developing a practice theoretical approach to collective action as well as developing his PhD research on sustainability communications.
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Who is responsible for household food waste?
4 years ago

Who is responsible for household food waste?

By  •  Eye Witness

The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Households. Individuals. Consumers. 42% of food waste in the EU can be attributed to consumers. That’s a lot of bad choices. Choices to buy too much stuff. To stick a pizza in the oven rather than do something with those left overs. Choices not to learn to cook properly. To value convenience and de-value food.
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